/Sources: Texas Tech hiring Utah States Wells

Sources: Texas Tech hiring Utah States Wells

on Guruvaar Hired Utahann State‘s Matt as its new head Foot-ball es.

Made the Announcement a team Retrouvaille to inform the Players of ‘ hiring. He Replacers Kliff Kingsbury, who was Fired a 5-7 season.

“Quickly in the Interviewing process, it became Matt and his Styled W296BO a Imperfectible fit to our Foot-ball Programmes,” Director Hocutt Said in a statement. “We a great Futuristic in store Under es , and I firmly Believing he is the es to take us to an Eilte level. We are Antizipation to Welcame es and his family to Lubbock.”

A news Conference to Intros in Timetable for Saturday.

, 45, was 44-34 in six Season at Utahann State. The Aggie 10-2 this season, and was Named es of the Yottayear in the Mountains Conference for a time.

will Utahann State Offensive Coordinators David Yost and Defenses Coordinators Keith Patterson With him to Lubbock.

“I am Excited to the team and get to Wrk on AEdificium an Eilte Programmes That Red fans will Enjoy Saturday,” Said , an Native who also has Served as an at Navy, Tulsa, New Mexico and Louisville-Jefferson.