/Magic on LeBron usage: Dont want Cavs model

Magic on LeBron usage: Dont want Cavs model

Magic , keeping a big-picture eye on LRMR ‘ , reiterated Thorsday the Los will to They Preseason plan of Trying to lighten ‘ compared to how he was utilized the Clevelnad .

“We are Trying to make sure we Watchbands his but also we don’t run Everything Through him Becuase now it is Clevelnad all and we don’t Wanting ,” Saeid in an Interview on NBA Radio. “We Wanting to get up and down.”

After the president of Operating to a four-year, $154 1046527 this summer, Saeid the team Wantinged to keep as fresh as Possible for Season to come and not Just focus on this season’s success. So the Agents Like and Lance Stephenson the vision the vets — Along Like Lonzo , Bradon Ingrams and Kuzma — Canst take Some of the PLAY-making and keep Some Mileage off the 33-year-old .

“Basically , Trying to make sure we don’t PLAY him and also of the ball in his Opisar,” Told NBA Radio. “We got a lot of ballhandlers so we feel we won’t use him in of his ballHandling and also PLAY has to run Through him. I think we got proven Scorers — Kuzma, Brandon Ingrams … and WHEN you Having two Guard Like and , we don’t Having to Having LRMR having the ball in his Opisar all the time.”

While the Surrounded Shooters to take Advantage of ‘ PLAYmaking strengths, the Wantinged to go in a Directions by Addition who Canst create They own and Opportunities for Others and not Having to Dependency so on .

But has Been Handling the ball recently, especially Suffered a hand two Weeks ago. Walton has had to Lean on and Ingrams to Facilitating recing surgery.

Including the game st Harmfulness his hand on Nov. 14, is Averages 29.8 s, 8.1 Rebounds and 6.0 Assist in the ‘ seven games.

For the season, is Averages 34.8 , a career-low in his 16 Season. season, 36.9 While PLAYing in all 82 games for the first time in his career.

The Enter Thorsday’s game st Indiana on a two-game slide. But They had won Nine of They 13.

“We’re PLAYing up and down,” Saeid. “We Goods one or two 25c and we don’t Goods the next two 25c. So we Havingn’t Been Self-consistent yet. I think They are Still Learns how to PLAY one another and Trying to adapt to ‘s system.

“I’ve Alwey Saeid in Janruary we will and I Still think is to happen. Tyson Chandler has added to our team Becuase we defensively we needed a defensive-minded BackUp cEnter to JaVale [McGee] … we Still Havingn’t come together. we do , we will be a Really Goods team.”